Berlin March 31st 2016 The Forgotten Genocide Europe´s Roma in World War II – Documentary with introduction and discussion

The Forgotten Genocide Europe´s Gypsies in World War II – Documentary with introduction and discussion

At Auschwitz, Roma and Sinti from 25 European countries have commemorated the 70th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s attempted genocide of their race. On August 2, 1944, nearly 2,900 Roma and Sinti were gassed at the camp. source: Deutsche Welle 2014

A film written by Henriette Asséo, Idit Bloch and Juliette Jourdan. France 75 min, Original Version with English subtitles

The Forgotten Genocide is the first documentary to look at the persecution of Sinti and Roma on a European scale, shedding new light on their exclusion country by country, and on the decisive role of “racial science” in the formulation  of Nazi policy.

It rejects the racist stereotype of ” a nomadic people without  a country” by revealing the diversity of social and national traditions that make up the singular romani worldview.

The destiny of European Sinti and Roma families is told through an extraordinary collection of rare archival footage and uncompromising historical narration, combined with survivor testimony. This remarkable film juxtaposes the darkness of political history with the radiant vitality of survivors.

Introduction and criticism by Alex Carstiuc

The event will take place in Laidak Boddinstrasse 42 in March 31st 2019 at 19.00 


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