Tuesday March 15th 2016: Public event in Laidak: “Thessaloniki Auschwitz 1943 – 2016”


Deportations from Thessaloniki to Auschwitz. On 15 March 1943, the first Greek deportation transport left the railway station in Thessaloniki for the concentration/extermination camp Auschwitz as its final destination; a trip without return for thousands of Jews in Greece. Therefore, on 15 March 2016, we will hold an open event at Laidak, Neukölln, to commemorate those who never came back. We are planning to offer a brief introduction to Greek National Socialist parties and organizations, without whose participation, the deportations to Auschwitz would not have been conceivable. We will also, however, talk about those who resisted the Shoah in Greece, such as Communist Partisans who actively attempted to rescue Jewish people by inviting them to join their armed struggle. The main event of the evening will be a showing of Fofo Terzidou’s documentary “By-standing and Standing-by” (2012). The event is organized by a group of communists in Berlin with a clear opposition to anti-Semitism. A flyer, a detailed announcement and more updates will be coming very soon.




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